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Fountain Boat Steps

Fountain Boat Steps

All Fountain boat steps are designed specifically to fit your boat model. Because Fountain boats do not have a flat surface underneath to mount flush, we have redesigned our original step P/N 1063TL to fit your particular model.

P/N 1066TL-FL42 Fountain 42’ Lightning

P/N 1066TL-FE35 Fountain 35’ Lightning

P/N 1066TL-FF27 Fountain 27’ Fever

P/N 1066TL-FF29 Fountain 29’ Fever

P/N 1066TL-FF38 Fountain 38’ Fever

P/N 1066TL-FE35 Fountain 35’ Executioner

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Maintenance: To ensure the best operation of your aqua step, Aqua Performance recommends that you hose off your step after every use, as you would the rest of your boat. To remove sand build up: You will need to remove the side caps and use a hose to spray water inside the spring mechanism while moving the step up and down. When finished rinsing, we recommend and use Prolong Oil as a lubricant onto the spring. Replace caps and bolts to ensure a proper fit.

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