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About Aqua Performance

Aqua Performance

Aqua Performance Inc., is an extention of its parent company A.J. Metal Manufacturing, which was founded in 1976, specializing in spring design applications, wire forms and metal stampings. Both companies are family owned and operated. Together, they bring 42 years of manufacturing and engineering experience. Aqua Performance Inc. was founded in 1984, back in the days when it was only Jet Skis that ruled the waters. It all started with our first innovation, the first original Jet Ski handle pole spring. A spring that reduced the weight of the jet ski handle pole and allowed jet skiers to ride longer without fatigue. Next, we made boarding your personal watercraft and boat less troublesome by introducing a self-retracting boarding ladder. This, no doubt has been our largest contribution to the industry. This one of a kind patented design has a spring loaded mechanism that eliminates the hassle of having to pull your step up after every use. Just pull it down – climb aboard and the ladder will automatically retract. It’s that simple! Aqua Performance has positioned itself as the leader in innovative step designs for Bombardier, Kawasaki, Polaris and Yamaha, the leading watercraft manufacturers. In the marine industry the Aqua Step has become the most requested boarding ladder by all the top boat manufacturers. It is our love for boating and water sports that fuel our innovative ideas and our dedication to an ongoing process of creating and refining our products. We are committed.

Quality Statement

When you buy an Aqua Performance Boarding ladder, over 42 years of experience goes into the integrity of that ladder. We’ve spent years refining and expanding our line with innovative ideas for every boat application. We use the finest materials availabe to assure long product life, all fabricated and finished with boating in mind. Every component is constructed in our own facility. You have the assurance of consistent quality and reliability which is the reason that the Aqua Step has become the preferred of choice of boaters and manufactures in the marine industry.