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How To Measure for Your Aqua Step if You
Have An Integrated Platform

How To Measure for Your Aqua Step if you have an Integrated Platform

Step 1:

Step #1:

  1. To know the width area of where you will be mounting your aqua step, measure underneath your platform where you want to mount your aqua step. If you have an exhaust in this area, include it in your drawing with the width diameter of the exhaust.
  2. To know the depth of your platform, measure underneath all the way to the back of your transom. Note if your platform is not flat underneath (some have a recession or lip) you need to draw that in diagram B, also give us the flat area measurement all the way back to the transom.

Step 2:

Step #2: Use Diagram B:

  1. Measure the depth underneath your platform, making sure to measure all the way back to the transom.
    When doing this please take note if your platform is flat underneath or if it has any recessions or drops, draw them in diagram B and give us the measurements of the drop and/or recession along with the flat area underneath your platform all the way back to the transom. All these details are very important for us to determine which aqua step or what alterations we will need to make to your step so that it fits properly.
  2. If you do have an exhaust, please draw it in and measure how far underneath it is from your platform. If you do have trim tabs write in the same measurement.
  3. Again if you do have an exhaust write in how far it comes out from the transom.
  4. Measure the width of the end of your trim tab.

When complete please fax your drawing to (951) 340-2056
or mail to Tech Support, P.O. Box 370 • Corona, CA 92878-0370
Include your name and daytime phone number.
Our technician will call you upon receiving your drawing.