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How To Measure for Your Aqua Step if you have an Aluminum Add-On Billet with Open Slots

Step 1:

A: To know the width area of where you will be mounting your aqua step, measure underneath your add-on platform between the mounting braces. If you have an exhaust in this area, include it in your drawing with the width diameter of the exhaust.


B: To know the depth of your platform, measure all the way to the back of your transom. Note: If your platform is not flat underneath (some have a recession or lip) you need to draw that in diagram B below, also give us the flat area measurement all the way back to the transom.

When complete please fax your drawing to (951) 340-2056
or mail to Tech Support, P.O. Box 370 • Corona, CA 92878-0370
Include your name and daytime phone number.
Our technician will call you upon receiving your drawing.